Know Thyself. Greek Maxim. Cliche? Possibly, but also the most important element to being and becoming a great teacher. I ask myself if I know myself, and then I must ask a second question. What is myself? What is self?

The connection with the self is this elusive element to which the title refers. If I want to be a great teacher and make incredible progress with my students I need to be in touch with who and what I am as a human being. As a human being, I understand that I am a higher form of awareness than other beings on the earth (i.e. bears, wolves, birds, fish, etc.).

To prove this idea, I submit the following: we can understand that we are having a thought at any given moment. We can know what that thought is. We can analyze it. We can interrupt it. Don’t believe me? Try this: When you are thinking something about anything at all, stop your thought and say to yourself “This thought is interesting.” Suddenly you are seeing your thought from another perspective. This is your true perspective. This is your true self. Some may refer to this as your higher consciousness. This is accessible at all times, and it is the key to understanding yourself as a beautiful being made of pure light and energy who can accomplish all things….and….so…are….our….students:)

OK, yes perhaps this nugget of truth is not accessible at this moment, but it can be very soon if we can build an understanding of ourselves in this way. The act of self-connection helps us become amazing teachers because we accept ourselves and others as fellow beings of higher awareness. Since our students also have this ability it is part of our opportunity as educators to teach them how to do the same thing. Opening up their awareness in this way allows students to feel free to learn without fear.

Some very quick ways to fulfill the desire to connect with the self include positive self reflection, gratitude journals, the tree protocol (what?), and all those other methods you’ve heard about such as exercising, deep breathing, meditation, etc.

I am excited to hear about what we can accomplish together as a community of self-connectors.

By Jon Armitage