Children Are Trees: The Role of “Being” in Education

I heard a story recently about trees. Specifically, it is about the characteristics and traits that we as humans share with trees. It is applicable to understanding ourselves and our students in a different way. We talk about “Being” a lot these days, but what does that really mean? This story aims to answer that question, and to illustrate […]

Student X: Belonging in a Sea of Change

Once upon a time I worked in a school that did not have a counselor, which was a temporary situation. As you can imagine this school had some major challenges with wellbeing. I did not know this at the time. It was very early in my career and I was not surrounded by people who […]

The # 1 Most Important Element to Being a Great Teacher

Know Thyself. Greek Maxim. Cliche? Possibly, but also the most important element to being and becoming a great teacher. I ask myself if I know myself, and then I must ask a second question. What is myself? What is self? The connection with the self is this elusive element to which the title refers. If […]